Ensemble auditions

Large ensembles offer performance opportunities for music majors and non-majors. Students enrolled in applied instrumental lessons and/or on music scholarship are required to enroll in a major ensemble per the School of Music handbook. Auditions for all ensembles are open to all University students regardless of major, non-music majors may satisfy the Silver Core 7 requirement in large ensembles.

Wind Ensemble, Concert Winds, and Orchestra

Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Concert Winds. Music majors, music minors and non-music majors should prepare the required excerpts for the audition which will be for placement in Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or Concert Winds. Be sure to listen to the excerpts so that you have a good understanding of the performance practice and context.

Concert Winds only. Non-music majors or minors only need to select one of the required excerpts, which will be for placement in Concert Winds.

Download required audition excerpts

To request accessible excerpt versions or printed excerpt versions, send an email to band@unr.edu.

Choral auditions

Music majors, music minors, and non-music majors interested in any choral ensemble will need to audition. The audition will consist of a range check, sight singing excerpt, and SATB score reading. Students are not required to prepare a vocal solo.

Jazz ensembles and Combo auditions

The audition will consist of a sight-reading excerpt and a tune of your choice.