Undergraduate Students and Graduate Courses

An undergraduate student at the University who is within 30 units of completing the requirements for the bachelor's degree may enroll in 500-600-level courses for graduate credit, provided that such credit is requested by the student and approved by the current undergraduate advisor, graduate program director, and Graduate Dean.

Students who enroll in such courses must be scholastically eligible for admission to graduate standing. The student must complete all requirements for the undergraduate degree no more than one semester after the semester in which registration for the first graduate courses occurred, otherwise the courses revert to undergraduate credit, provided there is an undergraduate equivalent to the course. If no such equivalency exists, no credit will be awarded.

Only students who have been admitted to the approved accelerated programs may use graduate level courses to meet undergraduate requirements. Undergraduates taking graduate courses may carry a combined unit load not to exceed the normal load for the department in which the student will receive the bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate Senior Application Form