Graduate Geography Club

The premise of the University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Geography Club is to bring together graduate students within the Geography Department at UNR, and those graduate students from other disciplines interested in geography and the activities of the club. The club goals are:

  1.  Provide opportunities for graduate students and members of the community to meet, share, and work together both for career development and community and environmental improvement.

  2. Participate in public services that improve the quality of the environment and the community at multiple scales.

  3. Coordinate outdoor activities that promote understanding of the environment and how we fit within it.

Officers for 2015-2016

  • President: Anna Patterson
  • Vice-President: Chelsea Canon
  • Secretary: Stephanie Freund
  • Treaserer: Anna Higgins
  • Historian/Media Coordinator: Alison Hotten

Upcoming Calendar of Events