Graduate student representative

The graduate student representative serves as a conduit of information between graduate students and geography faculty. The representative is elected by a majority vote of the current Department of Geography graduate students. The representative is expected to attend faculty meetings (1-2 held per month), bring graduate student interests and concerns to the faculty, Graduate Director or chair of the department, and report back to the graduate students. Although the representative attends faculty meetings, the chair of the department may request the representative not attend portions of a faculty meeting when sensitive items regarding students are discussed.

Each Spring semester, nominations for the graduate student representative will be solicited via the geog_gs list serve from the current eligible geography graduate students. The Department of Geography Graduate Director or his/her designee administers the nomination and election process.  The Graduate Director will announce the election procedures and administer the election. Notification of the results will be done using the geog_gs, geog_fs and geog_efs list servers. The elected graduate student serves for a single year from August 1 through July 31 of the following year. A graduate student may only serve for a single year during her/his graduate career in the department.

Current graduate student representative: Lauren Philips