Intramural funding and University scholarships

In terms of graduate student support, the Department periodically has graduate research assistantships, scholarships, or student hourly positions available. Please check with your Advisor or the appropriate faculty member for information on these opportunities. The Graduate School also has information on the following types of financial assistance for graduate students: grants-in-aid for tuition and course fees, Graduate School Fellowships, Nevada Student Incentive Grant Awards, College work-study program, national Direct Student loans, PLUS loans, and short-term emergency loan programs. The Graduate Student Association may also be able to provide financial support for student research as well as travel to professional meetings.

In order to align our scholarship award and eligibility policies for graduate students with our institutional and NSHE efforts to encourage a culture of completion, the maximum attempted graduate credits has been set at 150% of program requirements. Scholarships are limited to students who have attempted fewer than 45 graduate-level credits for Masters candidates and 108 graduate-level credits for Ph.D. candidates. There is a maximum credit limit of 12 thesis and 36 dissertation credits for scholarship awards. The maximum credits attempted for Masters candidates are 70 and Ph.D. is 140 credits.

In order to be eligible for General University Scholarships across all institutional levels, you must complete the scholarship application in MyNEVADA each academic year of your enrollment. The priority deadline is currently 1 February. In order to be eligible for need-based scholarships you must also have completed by this date the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which typically opens in 1 October. You are responsible for confirmation due dates and submitting materials. Other requirements may apply.