Scott Bassett, PhD

Associate Professor

Contact Information


  • Harvard University – Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning D.Des. 2001
  • Utah State University – Fisheries and Wildlife Ecology M.S. 1998
  • Utah State University – Geography and Anthropology B.S. 1993


Dr. Bassett is a conservation biologist and geographic information systems specialist with over 15 years experience in using computers to address environmental planning issues. He has extensive experience in spatial modeling, habitat modeling, landscape ecology, military installation encroachment issues, urban/natural environment boundary and in conservation reserve assessment and planning.

Research Areas of Interest
Environmental planning, urban growth modeling, alternative futures, spatial modeling, ecology, wildlife habitat relationships, GIS, integrative modeling and decision support systems

Class Materials

Geog 210 Introduction to Geotechnology

Geog 454/654 Urban Landscape Analysis

Geog 456/656 Land Use Planning Geog

Geog 710 History and Nature of Planning

Geog 759 Introduction to Planning Studio

Geog 760 Planning Studio


Selected Publications

Carroll, R. W. H., G. Pohll, D. McGraw, C. Garner, A. Knust, D. Boyle, T. Minor, S. Bassett and K. Pohlmann. 2010. Mason Valley Ground-water Model: Linking surface and ground water processes in the Walker River Basin, Nevada. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 46(3):554-573..

Kahyaoglu-Koracin, J., S. Bassett, D. A. Mouat, and A. Gertler. 2009. A scenario-based modeling system to predict the air quality impact from future growth. Atmospheric Environment 43:1021-1028. 77(4):359-381.

Shearer, A. W., D. A. Mouat, S. D. Bassett, M. W. Binford, C. W. Johnson, and J. A. Saarinen. 2009. Land Use Scenarios: Environmental Consequences of Development. Taylor & Francis Ltd, Boca Raton, Florida, USA. 422pp

Trammell, E. J., K. Berry, S. Bassett and D. Sada. 2008. Distribution and recovery of vegetation in Ash Meadows national Wildlife Refuge, Nevada. Southwestern Naturalist 53(3):326-334.

Bassett, S.D. and T.C. Edwards, Jr., 2003: Effect of different sampling schemes on the spatial placement of conservation reserves in Utah, USA. Biological Conservation 113:141-151.