Paul Starrs, PhD

Regents & Foundation Distinguished Professor

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  • University of California at Berkeley Ph.D. 1989 Geography
  • University of California at Berkeley M.A. 1984 Geography
  • University of California at San Diego B.A. 1980 Special Studies: Utopian Communities
  • Deep Springs College, California 1975–1977


Professor Paul Starrs teaches cultural and historical geography at the University of Nevada, in Reno, where he works on a variety of topics associated with the geography of the so-called "New West."

His first book, Let the Cowboy Ride, was published by John Hopkins University Press in 1998. He has published some 90 articles, book chapters, and reviews on topics that include cyberspace, everyday landscapes, migration and the evolution of the Great Basin, urban geography, and a suite of resource-based issues.

Starrs also does research on the woodlands and people of Mediterranean Europe, and has coauthored the book, Black Rock, with his Nevada colleague, the photographer Peter Goin, about the Black Rock country of northwestern Nevada, home to the annual Burning Man event. He is currently engaged with several additional book-length projects. Though city born and raised, he maintains an enduring affection for the West's many rural places.

Research Areas of Interest

Cultural and historical geography, the American West, graphic representation, regional geography, natural resources and population

Career Recognition / Award

Foundation Professorship, 2007, title and award, Foundation Professor of Geography.

CASE-Carnegie Foundation Nevada Professor of the Year, 2005, National award for teaching excellence.

Regents Teaching Award, 2004; (Nevada System of Higher Education) system-wide award for excellence in teaching.

F. Donald Tibbitts University Outstanding Teacher Award, University of Nevada, University of Nevada, Reno, 2000-2001.

Mousel-Feltner Award for Outstanding Research, Recipient of College of Arts & Science outstanding researcher award, University of Nevada, Reno, 1998-1999.

Alan Bible Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Arts & Science, University of Nevada, Reno, 1997-1998.

Fulbright Scholar, Senior Fulbright Scholar: Quincentenary Postdoctoral Researcher in Spain.

Class Materials

Courses Taught
Introduction to Cultural Geography, Research Methods, Geographic Thought, Historical Geography, The American West, Nevada, Cartography, Advanced Cartography, Seminar in Cultural Geography, Geography & Film, Europe, North America [undergraduate courses]

Field Methods, Historical Geography, Cultural Geography [graduate], Cartography & Graphic Representation, History and Nature of Geograp


Selected Publications

Paul F. Starrs, "Meetinghouses in the Mormon Mind: Ideology, Architecture, and the Turbulent Streams of an Expanding Church,” Geographical Review, July 2009, 99 (3): 323-355. [scholarly article]

Paul F. Starrs, "On Rock Art & The Perception of Life," In Nevada Rock Art, by Peter Goin, pp. 42-73, Reno, Nevada: Black Rock Institute Press. [book chapter]

Paul F. Starrs, "Picturing California & The West: The ‘Competent Vaquero,' Ed Borein,” In Coloring the West: Watercolors and Oils by Edward Borein, pp. 5-23 (Santa Barbara, California: Santa Barbara Historical Museum Diamond Jubilee, 2007).

Paul F. Starrs, "When the Dozers Came, Only Music Was Left: Ry Cooder on Chávez Ravine,” Geographical Review, 97 (3): 404-417, 2007. [scholarly article]

Paul F. Starrs (with Peter Goin), Black Rock (Reno: University of Nevada Press; 2005).
Graduate Student Theses / Dissertations Supervised

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