Jonathan DeBoer

Ph.D. student
Chelsea Canon


Jon’s research focuses on the genetic differences amongst lizards (cordylids) at different spatial scales in Namibia. He has authored several publications including an article on novel dietary records for croaking lizards (DeBoer et al. 2018), an Atlas of the reptiles of Libya (Bauer et al. 2017), and is currently revising “Sexual Dimorphism in the Namibian endemic Herero Nama Lizards (Namazonurus pustulatus).” Jon is the President of both the Geography Graduate Club and the UNR Herpetology Club.


  • BS, 2015, Biology, Calvin College
  • MS, 2017, Biology, Villanova University
  • PhD, Present, Geography, University of Nevada, Reno


  • DeBoer, J.C., Iyengar, V., Bauer, A.M., and Griffing, A.H. 2018. New dietary records for croaking lizards of the genus Aristelliger (Reptilia: Sphaerodactylidae). Caribbean Herpetology, 61, 1–8.
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