Hannah Mitchell in a lush forest setting surrounded by trees

Hannah Mitchell

M.S. in Geography She/her/hers


I received my B.S. in Environmental Studies from Texas A&M University in May 2023. As an undergraduate, I discovered my passion for research and decided to attend the University of Nevada, Reno to work with Dr. Julie Loisel studying tropical peatlands in the Caribbean. After performing fieldwork in Costa Rica, I am curious to understand the many characteristics behind tropical peat formation and expand our knowledge on the extent of soil carbon stocks. Additionally, I am eager to explore how these ecosystems respond to past, present, and future changes and the events that facilitate them. I am currently a TA for GEOG 103.

Research interests

  • Physical geography
  • Terrestrial ecosystem dynamics
  • Tropical peatlands
  • Soils
  • Environmental change


  • B.S. in Environmental Studies, Texas A&M University, 2023