Adam Csank, PhD

Assistant Professor
Adam Csank

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Geosciences, University of Arizona, 2011
  • M.Sc., Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, 2006
  • B.Sc., Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, 2003


Dr. Csank is a paleoclimatologist & paleoecologist with expertise in stable isotope geochemistry and dendrochronology. His primary research involves the use of stable isotope dendrochronology to reconstruct past climates. Because stable isotope geochemistry and dendrochronology are tools with a wide range of applications Dr. Csank has projects that are diverse in scope and geography. Dr. Csank has ongoing projects in the Canadian Arctic using mummified wood from Pliocene aged fossil forest sites to reconstruct Arctic climate during this past warm interval. Dr. Csank also has projects using tree-ring isotopes to study the mechanisms of hydroclimate variability in the Upper Colorado River Basin and to reconstruct storm-track shifts in the western US. Dr. Csank also has ongoing projects in Alaska to study drought and tree mortality. In addition to the paleoenvironmental applications of stable isotope dendrochronology Dr. Csank has an interest in the archeological and historical aspects as well, working in Bermuda Dr. Csank has a project to use isotope dendrochronology to provenance timbers used to construct historic forts. This information is useful to historians studying the timber trade in Bermuda.

Research Interests

Paleoclimatology, plant-climate interactions, stable isotope geochemistry, dendrochronology, ecohydrology

Classes Taught:

  • Physical geography of the World's Environments (GEOG 103)
  • Earth Resources and the Environment (GEOL/GEOG 335)
  • Geography of Past Environments (GEOG 437/637)
  • Seminar in Advanced Climatology (Paleoclimatology) (GEOG 720)


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  • Brownlee, A., Sullivan, P.F., Csank, A.Z., Sveinbjornsson, B., Ellison, S.B.Z. (2016). Drought-induced stomatal closure probably cannot explain divergent white spruce growth in the Brooks Range, Alaska. Ecology. 97, 145-159
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  • Csank, A.Z., (2009). An international tree-ring isotope data bank- A proposed repository for tree-ring isotopic data. Tree-Ring Research, 65, 163-164.