Cost Estimates

Tuition and Fees

A fully detailed and up-to-date listing of all current tuition and fees is available on the Tuition and Fees website maintained by the Cashier's Office.

A University education is an investment

It's no secret that the cost of pursuing a college degree is often a major concern of today's students. A university education is a weighty investment of not only finances, but also time and energy.

Because Nevada believes cost should not be a barrier to education, the university has some of the most competitive tuition rates in the country. Nevada also offers comprehensive advice on financial aid and access to several million dollars in scholarships.

Adding it up

Estimate your costs

The undergraduate cost estimates helps students and their parents with estimated minimal costs for planning purposes.

What is Financial Aid

Student Budgets

Student Budgets estimate cost of attendance with things like room and board and personal expenses.

Getting Started

Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator shows costs after grants and scholarships are considered.