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Please note: This calculator provides an estimated cost of attendance only. Costs are subject to change and this may not be your final cost of attendance. Individual course fees are available on the class schedule within MyNevada by clicking the section link.

 For current tuition and fee information, as well as future academic year tuition and fee estimates, please review the NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual.  

Tuition Information

Residency Selection

Your residency eligibility is determined by the Office of Admissions and Records. Please see the Residency Information page for more information.

Student Options

* 1 - 5 credits: To determine cost for 1 to 5 credits please see Student Tuition & Fees on the Cashier’s Office web page.

* Additional Costs: Please be aware that there are typically additional costs when calculating the cost of going to college that vary based on the programs and courses you are enrolled in. These costs may include:

  • Lab and special course fees
  • Differential tuition
  • Textbooks (the national average is $400-$600 per semester for full time students)
  • Materials and supplies

Optional: Housing, Meal Plan, Parking

Selections Values Instructions
You can also calculate your estimated housing, meal plan, and parking costs with the cost calculator. Please Note: costs listed here are yearly costs and not per semester costs.
Campus Housing Information
Meal Rate Breakdowns
Parking Permit Information
$ Housing, meal plan, and parking total

** Housing Information: Standard double rooms are located at Juniper, Sierra and Nye Halls. Additional accommodations are available in Argenta, Peavine, Canada, and Sierra Halls, as well as The Nevada Living Learning Community . There is a refundable $125 deposit required for all on-campus housing.

Optional: Financial Aid

Selections Values Instructions
If you know your financial aid amounts, you may optionally enter them here to help determine the exact amount you will owe the university.
$ Enter the amount of money you have received in student loans.
$ Enter the amount of money you have received in scholarships.
$ Enter the amount of money you have received in grants.