Student fees guide

In addition to registration fees (i.e., tuition), students also have fees that cover a range of services and programs at the University.

Mandatory student fees

Mandatory fees are charged to students when enrolling at the University and provide access to and support the operation of essential student services, ranging from academic support to fitness and recreation services. Fees vary by student type (e.g., undergraduate, graduate).

  • Academic Success fee. Supports centralized delivery of academic success services such as math and group tutoring.
  • ASUN fee. Supports the Associated Students of the University of Nevada operations and programs.
  • Counseling Services fee. Supports current and future demands for mental health counseling.
  • Fitness Center fee. Provides students with full access to all campus recreation facilities and classes.
  • Health Center fee. Covers primary care office visits to the Student Health Center.
  • Student Union Fee. Contributes to the cost of construction of the Joe Crowley Student Union.
  • Performing Arts fee. Brings high caliber arts and cultural programming to the University.
  • Technology fee. Used to provide technology infrastructure to support instruction, advisement, and more.

Additional student fees

In addition to mandatory student fees, there are a variety of different fees to consider, ranging from application fees to differential fees for taking upper-level courses in different colleges/schools.

  • New student (undergraduate) fee. Covers all programs and services for incoming undergraduate students to the University.
  • Graduate student orientation fee. Covers orientation programming and materials for incoming graduate students.
  • Graduation fee. Students who graduate are required to pay a graduation fee when they file a graduation application.
  • Special instruction fee. Students who graduate are required to pay a graduation fee when they file a graduation application.
  • Differential fees. Per credit fees charged to varying courses in the College of Business, College of Engineering, Orvis School of Nursing and School of Public Health.
  • International student fee. All F-1/J-1 status students are charged the international student fee which supports services and programs from the Office of International Students (OISS).
  • Online learning special course fee. Students enrolled in a class with an instruction method of web-based (WB) or web-based with some meetings (WM) pay a per-credit fee.