Faculty Senate Bylaws


Article 1: Faculty Senate

The name of this association of faculty shall be the University of Nevada, Reno Faculty Senate, herein after referred to as the senate.


Article 2: Authority, Purpose, and Objectives of the Faculty Senate

The authority, purpose and objectives of the senate are established within the traditional concept of faculty organization in United States-American universities, and shall be as defined in section 1.4.7 of the Nevada System of Higher Education Code and in the University of Nevada, Reno Bylaws (herein referred to as University Bylaws). The senate is authorized to act on questions and issues properly brought before it by the University academic and administrative major units identified in the University Administrative Manual (UAM), hereinafter in these bylaws called “major units”. The senate is authorized to take appropriate actions not in conflict with these bylaws, the University Bylaws, the Nevada System of Higher Education Code, and the laws and statutes of the State of Nevada and the United States.


Article 3: Membership Authority


Article 4: Senate Membership


Article 5: Vacancies


Article 6: Voting


Article 7: Executive Board


Article 8: Committees


Article 9: Meetings


Article 10: Parliamentary Authority


Article 11: Amendment


Article 12: Apportionment