Foundation Administrative Faculty of the Year Award

The Administrative Faculty Committee invites nominations for the Foundation Administrative Faculty of the Year Award. This award, funded by the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation, recognizes exemplary administrative faculty who have consistently excelled in their positions and demonstrated significant impact at the University. The winner of this award will be recognized at the Honor the Best Ceremony in May and will receive a $5,000 monetary award and a framed award. If the selection committee recommends selecting more than one award recipient the $5,000 monetary award will be split by the number of recipients; each will receive a framed award.

Past award recipients include:

  • 2022-23 Sharon Brush
  • 2021-22  Michelle Hritz
  • 2020-21  Ed Huffman
  • 2019-20  Darius Robinson
  • 2018-19  Audrey Casey
  • 2017-18  Jeffery Erickson

Selection criteria

  1. The administrative faculty must be a current full-time University of Nevada, Reno employee at the time of nomination with at least three years of service; *chief administrators of major units, defined in Faculty Senate Bylaws, are not eligible for nomination.
  2. Demonstrated performance that is above and beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities.
  3. Exhibits a positive attitude towards fellow employees, students, the public, and whose work reflects the concepts of availability, cooperation, courtesy, friendliness, helpfulness, and presence on the job.
  4. Has demonstrated support to the campus community in ways that exceed expectations and has resulted in unexpected positive outcomes that support the University’s mission.
  5. Has demonstrated a substantial contribution to the nominee’s field of expertise.
  6. Has demonstrated a consistent commitment to professional development.

*Chief administrators of the University include the president, executive vice-president and provost, vice-presidents, associate and assistant vice-presidents, vice-provosts, deans, associate and assistant deans, or their administrative equivalents, as well as members of President’s Council and Academic Leadership Council.

Nomination deadline

March 4, 2024 (Extended to March 11, 2024)

Nomination process

To nominate an administrative faculty member for this award, submit the Administrative Faculty of the Year Nomination Form and an attached letter of support from the faculty’s immediate supervisor. Additional letters of support are welcome.

Nomination form

For more information

For more information or questions about the award or award process, contact the Faculty Senate Office.

Heather Kemmelmeier
Faculty Senate Manager
Phone: (775) 682-7518