Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate at the University of Nevada, Reno is the principle representing body for faculty. Its membership includes representatives for all academic and administrative major units at the University. The Faculty Senate's goal is to serve the faculty and the University. Please feel free to contact Terina Caserto, Faculty Senate Chair, or the Faculty Senate office.

  Terina Caserto, 2018-2019 Faculty Senate Chair
Email: terinac@unr.edu
Telephone: 775-682-8052


Meeting Information

The Faculty Senate meets regularly to discuss faculty welfare, campus policies, University activities and develop recommendations for University administration.

Committee Information

Faculty Senate committees report to the Faculty Senate chair and are active across a range of campus- and system-wide issues, activities and policies. There are ten standing committees, as well as ad hoc committees as needed.

Executive Board & Senator Profiles

The Faculty Senate is comprised of representatives from each academic and major administrative unit across the University. Learn more about Faculty Senators and Executive Board members.

Faculty Senate Resolutions

The Faculty Senate passes resolutions regarding issues that impact not only faculty but the campus community as well. Read more about these resolutions and actions.

Governing Documents and Resources

The Faculty Senate maintains a robust list of resources, such as NSHE policies and institutional bylaws, and offers a wide array of faculty support services.

About the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the primary body that represents faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno. Comprised of representatives from each academic and administrative unit, the Faculty Senate serves as an advocate for faculty welfare.