Faculty Senate Committee Information

The Faculty Senate conducts much of its work through its committee structure. It establishes and charges both standing and ad hoc committees throughout the year. The committees, which report to the Faculty Senate chair, consider a range of issues that include university and system-wide activities and policies. Faculty Senate committees have had great success in effecting change because of participation by faculty. If you would like to get involved any of the committees below, contact the Faculty Senate office.

Academic Standards Committee
Monitors and studies issues related to the academic policies and organization of the university, and makes recommendations on grading practices, admission standards, degree requirements, academic status and scholarships.

Administrative Faculty Committee
Conducts studies and makes recommendations on personnel policies, procedures and practices that affect the welfare and employment status of administrative faculty.

Budget and Planning Committee
Monitors, conducts studies and makes recommendations on a wide range of issues that affect budgetary decisions at the University.

Bylaws and Code Committee
Conducts studies and makes recommendations on revisions to the UCCSN Code, the UNR Bylaws, Faculty Senate Bylaws and other governing documents, such as the University Administrative Manual.

Campus Affairs Committee
Monitors, conducts studies and makes recommendations on a wide range of issues that are of campus concern, such as budgets, work environment, campus safety and food service.

Early Career Academic Faculty Committee
Promotes the success of early career academic faculty, conducts studies on University practices, policies and procedures and makes recommendations to the senate and administration on matters that affect the welfare and success of Early Career Faculty.

Executive Board Nominating Committee
Develops a slate of candidates for the new Executive Board of the Senate. Executive Board elections occur by Faculty Senate vote at their May meeting.

Faculty Diversity Committee
Explores ways to support diversity in academic programs, support programs, and in the composition of faculty, administration, staff and student body.

Research and Grants Committee
Monitors University policies and offices that significantly affect the ability of faculty to compete for external funding, conduct high-quality research and publish research results.

Salary and Benefits Committee
Monitors, reviews and makes recommendations on faculty compensation, benefits and equity.

University Athletics Committee
Monitors the University's athletics program, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Pursuant to NSHE Procedures and Guidelines Manual, Section 2.Periodic Evaluation of NSHE Presidents, a faculty survey may be conducted as part of the comprehensive, periodic assessment of the performance of an institutional president. The 2016-17 Ad hoc Survey Review Committee: Periodic Presidential Evaluation reviewed survey responses, created a report, and made recommendations for improvement of the process that led to the ad hoc committee below: 

2018-19 ad hoc Periodic Presidential Survey Review Committee

2018-19 ad hoc Faculty Salary Compression/Inversion Committee

2018-19 ad hoc Change in Organization Psychology from College of Liberal Arts (CLA) to College of Science (COS)