LGBTQ+ Task Force


Created by directive from the Chief Diversity Officer, the LBGTQ+ Task Force makes ongoing assessment of attitudes and conditions throughout the University regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and Queer persons and issues.

The LGBTQ+ Task Force also makes recommendations for changes and seeks implementation of these recommendations on issues such as (1) the University-wide environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and Queer students, staff, and faculty; (2) appropriate supportive services for such students, staff, and faculty; (3) educational programs for the entire University community; (4) other matters affecting the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and Queer community members at University of Nevada, Reno; (5) opportunities for working collaboratively and in concert with a variety of affinity groups.

Current Priorities

During the spring 2017 semester and into summer, the LGBTQ+ Task Force is actively:

  • developing opportunities to increase visibility of the LGBTQ+ community on campus by offering improved means for faculty, staff and students to self-identify
  • working to create methods by which the varied interests and needs of our community can be identified, studied and served
  • designing Pride merchandise to purchase on campus
  • collaboratively programming an LGBTQ+ film series and talk back sessions
  • partnering across campus to address the unique concerns and needs of DACA students who also identify as LGBTQ+
  • studying and developing policy for improving gender neutral facilities across campus
  • teaming up with offices across campus to offer continuing education and training in a variety of Title IX, EEOC and diversity responsiveness issues
  • formulating and advancing recommendations for improving recruitment behaviors on campus and growing a welcoming and progressive sense of community here on campus for people of difference


The LGBTQ+ Task Force maintains a growing list of resources for University community members to make use of.  If you would like to suggest additional links, please email us. 

University Resources: 
Queer Student Union is dedicated to promoting LGBTQIA acceptance and understanding on the UNR campus as well as the Reno/Sparks community.

UNR Counseling Services provides psychological services to University of Nevada, Reno students to support and facilitate their personal and academic success and development.

The Center provides programs and services that support the success of all students.

Local Resources: 
Build Our Center works to establish and maintain a safe, empowering, and supportive center in Northern Nevada that addresses advocacy, education and services.

Who to Contact?

Chair: Geoff Green, email:, phone: (775) 784-6589