Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (Design/Technology Specialization)

Students selecting the Design/Technology Specialization receive individualized training and mentoring as backstage technicians, scenery and costume shop workers, stage electricians, and as designers of scenery, costumes, and lighting.

After completing basic training in the classroom, backstage, and in a modern, fully equipped lighting laboratory, scene shop, and costume shop spaces, students are asked to focus their study in two of three areas: scenery, lighting and costumes. Students then have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of one or both of these areas through coursework in stage management, automated lighting and scene painting.

Additional opportunities exist for students to broaden their study by taking a course in another design/tech focus area or in another area of theatrical study. The Design/Technology Specialization provides dedicated undergraduate students with the opportunity to design for the main stage, allowing them to gain practical experience with budgeting, collaboration, and execution of a design.

Design/tech students are well prepared for various roles within the profession or for entry into graduate school.

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