Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Ethics, Law and Politics Specialization

Most faculty members in the department of philosophy have areas of emphasis in ethical theory, philosophy of law, or politic and social philosophy. As a result, we have created the Ethics, Law, and Politics (ELP) degree programs.

Why Choose This Major?

The philosophy major with a specialization in Ethics, Law, and Politics, is designed for students who wish to study philosophy with emphasis on topics in ethics, legal philosophy and political philosophy. The major covers the basic areas of philosophy — including required courses and three emphasis areas (history of philosophy; metaphysics and epistemology; and ethics and value theory) — but the ELP specialization puts the greatest emphasis on value theory. Students who wish to pursue careers in law, or other professions that stress theory, will benefit from this major.

Course Requirements

36 credit hours (see Course Catalog for latest updates of philosophy ELP degree requirements)

Program at a glance

Admissions cycles: Fall, Spring
Application deadlines: Nov. 15, Dec. 15
Admissions Information


  • Logic (3 credits)
    • PHIL 114 - Intro Symbolic Logic (3 credits) OR
    • PHIL 326 - Symbolic Logic (3 credits)
  • Historical Surveys (6 credits)
    • PHIL 211 - Intro Ancient Phil (3 credits) AND
    • PHIL 213 - Intro Modern Phil (3 credits)
  • Ethical/Political Historical Surveys (6 credits)
    • PHIL 317 - History of Ethical Theory (3 credits) and
    • PHIL 318 - History of Political Philosophy (3 credits)

Course Offerings at a Glance

An additional 21 credits are required from the following group distributions:

  • History of Philosophy (3 credits)
  • Metaphysics & Epistemology (3 credits)
  • Ethics & Value Theory (15 credits)

Note: GPA for required classes - Student must obtain a "C" (2.0 GPA) in all major or minor courses. The student also must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall to fulfill university and college graduation requirements.

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