Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Philosophy is an energetic and friendly department with active, scholarly, faculty members whose areas of interest and expertise cover a wide span both of topics and historical figures. We provide students with an undergraduate education that is both broad and current.

Why Choose this Major?

The general philosophy major is designed for students who wish to get a broad understanding of philosophy and to cover the basic areas of philosophy, including required courses and three emphasis areas: history of philosophy; metaphysics and epistemology; and ethics and value theory.

A philosophy education will build students' inquiry and help develop questions and theories around reality and life. Students develop reasoning and improve expression abilities while attempting to understanding the human experience. A major in philosophy can open up doors to a number of career opportunities or graduate schools that value critical thinking and interpretation skills.

Program at a glance

Admissions cycles: Fall, Spring
Application deadlines: Nov. 15, Dec. 15 Admissions Information

Course Requirements

36 credit hours (see Course Catalog for latest updates of philosophy degree requirements)


  • Logic (3 credits)
    • PHIL 114 - Intro Symbolic Logic (3 credits) OR
    • PHIL 326 - Symbolic Logic (3 credits)
  • Historical Surveys (6 credits)
    • PHIL 211 - Intro Ancient Phil (3 credits) AND
    • PHIL 213 - Intro Modern Phil (3 credits)
  • 20th-Century Surveys (3 credits)
    • PHIL 314 - Survey of 20th Century Continental European Philosophy (3 credits) OR
    • PHIL 315 - 20th C Anglo-American (3 credits)

Course Offerings at a Glance

Students can choose to emphasize in three areas of philosophy:

  • History of Philosophy
  • Metaphysics & Epistemology
  • Ethics & Value Theory

Note: GPA for required classes - Student must obtain a "C" (2.0 GPA) in all major or minor courses. The student also must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall to fulfill university and college graduation requirements.

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