Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree from the University of Nevada, Reno broadly covers the discipline of philosophy, in both substance and methodology, developing students’ analytical and communicative abilities while attempting to understand the nature of reality and human experience. Students in this general track master foundational concepts in logic, history of philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, and the philosophy of science.

Students navigate some of the deepest questions human beings have asked - questions about the basic character of reality, the limits of knowledge, the place of mind in nature, the best life for a person and the most decent society for us all, among others. Students will not find easy answers, but they will think clearly about the options while honing analytical and imaginative skills that will prepare them for a host of exciting careers.

Areas of emphasis

  • History of philosophy
  • Metaphysics and epistemology
  • Ethics and value theory


The Department of Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in philosophy and in ethics, law and politics. A minor in philosophy can open up doors to a number of career opportunities or graduate schools (such as law or medical school) that value critical thinking, innovative problem-solving and superior communication skills.

Why study philosophy at the University of Nevada, Reno?

A philosophy degree from the College of Liberal Arts will build students' inquiry and help develop questions and theories around reality and life. Students develop reasoning and improve expression abilities while attempting to understanding the human experience. A major in philosophy can open up doors to a number of career opportunities or graduate schools that value critical thinking and interpretation skills.

Internships/career opportunities

Upon graduation, many of our students go on to law school or medical school, or secure employment in business, policy institutes or nonprofits and governmental agencies.

You may be surprised to learn that studying philosophy can give you the sort of outside-the-box thinking skills valued in business, finance and entrepreneurship. In fact, some famous and successful business leaders studied philosophy, such as hedge fund manager George Soros, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel and LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman. Philosophy majors have also gone on to distinguished careers in the arts, government and politics, and journalism and sports.

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