Secondary Education and French, B.A.

Students who complete this Pack Teach Program will earn two degrees: the Bachelor of Arts in Education/Secondary Education and the Bachelor of Arts in French. This program provides students with a foundational background in French linguistics, literature and culture. Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to pursue secondary school teaching, graduate school, or an immediate career using French.

What do French/Education majors study?

French majors will develop an understanding of the French language and culture, including taking specific courses in linguistics and literature. Then they take courses specifically designed to help them become excellent educators.

What can I do with a bachelor's in French/Education?

French graduates have gone on go to excel in a wide range of exciting fields, including:

  • Translation/interpretation
  • Law enforcement
  • Teaching at all levels, from elementary to graduate, including teaching French abroad

Why get a bachelor's in French here?

It will improve your general communication skills, your cognitive abilities and your critical thinking.

French study offers a gateway to countries that trade with the United States. To compete in a global marketplace and to engage an increasingly diverse U.S. population, major industries, multinational corporations and many branches of government seek employees who speak more than just English.

What's next?

If you're ready to declare Secondary Education and French as your major, or just have more questions, make an appointment to talk with an academic advisor from the College of Education and Human Development or the College of Liberal Arts.

College of Liberal Arts: (775) 682-8745 or
College of Education and Human Development: 775) 784-4298 or

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