Bachelor of Arts in History

The history major in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Nevada, Reno is designed for students who wish to get a broad understanding of history and to cover notable periods, including colonial studies to modern pop-culture history. Students can take coursework in the history and culture of Nevada, the Inquisition, the Middle East, Ancient Rome, Venice, the Aztecs, tourism in Hawai'i, the civil rights movement, or the Civil War.

History majors may focus on different time-periods and regions, but they all learn to analyze sources critically. This critical analysis and our cutting-edge programs, from reading and writing to digital history and museum studies, will prepare students to embark on an exciting career path.

Areas of emphasis

  • African history
  • Asian history
  • Eastern European history
  • European history
  • Latin American history
  • United States history


The Department of History at the University of Nevada, Reno also offers a minor in history, as well as a minor in Middle Eastern studies. Students will learn to think contextually, read historical documents and become better researchers and writers.

Why study history at the University of Nevada, Reno?

A history education will build students’ inquiry and help develop writing and thinking skills to advance their chosen professions. Students develop research and analytical skills while widening their historical knowledge. A major in history can open up doors to a number of career opportunities or graduate schools that value historical research and writing skills.

We offer a wide array of undergraduate courses ranging from small, in-depth seminars to larger lecture classes and surveys. Our history majors immerse themselves in primary research and each year our students produce excellent senior theses on the focus of their research. We have established on-going relationships and collaborations with the Washoe County School District, the Nevada Museum of Art and the Newberry Library in Chicago. We also house the Shared History Program, Northern Nevada's premiere public and oral history program. As part of our dedication to widen university and public engagement, the Department of History hosts lectures, conferences and special events for scholars and the general public throughout the academic year.

Internships/career opportunities

Historians can have many backgrounds, ranging from economic historians to those who study the historical contexts of environmental change. Historians may also specialize in social, political, intellectual, diplomatic and cultural experiences. Our history graduates have found jobs in teaching, city government, entertainment, finance, libraries, museums, NGOs, the military and the media. Some of them have used the history degree as a pre-law program in order to get into law school. Others have applied to graduate school in a range of fields, aiming to get M.A. and Ph.D. degrees to allow them to go into research and teaching. As one of our graduates put it, history majors, "train not for their first job out of college, but develop a set of skills that serve them for a lifetime, as employees and as citizens."

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