Veteran support programs, organizations and services


The Vet2Vet program assists in student veterans' successful transition to the University of Nevada, Reno. Vet2Vet Ambassadors support new students in integrating information on extra and co-curricular involvement, health and wellness, enhancing professional skills and engaging with the greater community for success beyond the classroom.

Student Veterans of America

The heart of Student Veterans of America (SVA) is the student veteran-led chapter. These local organizations are the “boots on the ground” that provide peer-to-peer support, which has been linked to academic success and an easier transition to campus for student veterans. Learn more about SVA programs and organizations.

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (V.I.T.A.L.)

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (V.I.T.A.L.) is a veteran-centered, results oriented, collaboration between the VA Medical Center (VAMC) and higher education. Our goal is to enhance academic retention and success. Services range from assisting with enrollment and care at the Veteran Administration Medical Center to getting treatment for issues such as depression or anger.

Career concierge

The Veteran Career Concierge is designed to assist college students to achieve their career objectives by equipping them with the resources needed to obtain employment. Example resources and services include translating military experience to a civilian resume and cover letter, finding internships and preparing for interviews.

Veteran and Military Center (VMC)

The Veteran and Military Center (VMC) operates on a student-led model, incorporating the leadership of students with prior military experience, and creates an environment of personal success. Schedule an event or activity at the VMC.


VetSMART is the University of Nevada, Reno Veteran Services Office and the VITAL Initiative's program to provide staff and faculty with an understanding of military and veteran culture for the purposes of improving interaction and communication with Nevada's student veterans.