Transferring credits to the University of Nevada, Reno

It is important to remember not all credits transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno.

Credits that transfer (at least as electives)

  • College-level credits earned at a four or two-year regionally accredited college (or institution)
  • Only Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory credit is awarded for physical education activity courses completed at regionally accredited institutions

Credits that do not transfer

  • Credits for remedial courses (e.g. intermediate algebra, intermediate English, etc.)
  • Technical types of courses (e.g. welding, automotive, etc.)
  • Credit awarded by post-secondary institutions for life experience
  • Credit awarded by post-secondary institutions for non-credit courses, workshops and seminars offered by other post-secondary institutions as part of continuing education programs
  • Credit awarded for courses taken at non-collegiate institutions (e.g., governmental agencies, corporations, industrial firms, etc.) unless otherwise stated above

Course substitutions may be made by submitting a core curriculum substitution form.

Though the University of Nevada, Reno does not directly award credit for prior experiential learning, students may use their prior experience to earn credit via approved examinations or through special department examination.

Transferring military credits

Military applicants for admission must submit the following documentation to the Office of Admissions and Records:

1. An Official military transcript (Joint Services Transcript or Community College of the Air Force)

And one of the following:

  • DD-214 (Report of Separation)
  • DD-295 (Application for the Evaluation of Learning Experiences During Military Service) for active duty personnel.

How is military credit awarded?

Credit will be awarded according to the following guidelines:

  • Coursework recommended for academic college credit at the lower- or upper-division level by the American Council on Education (ACE) will be considered for transfer provided that the coursework is applicable to the student's degree program at the University.
  • Honorably discharged veterans will be granted physical education credit. A maximum of four semester credits will be awarded.
  • No credit is awarded for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) programs.

Students may appeal the initial evaluation of transfer credit done in the Office of Admissions and Records by meeting with a faculty advisor in their degree program. If the appeal is successful, the advisor will submit a college/major exception/substitution form for processing in the Office of Admissions and Records. If the student disagrees with the faculty reviewer's evaluation of a course, the student may appeal to the chair of the department in which the faculty member resides. The chair's decision is final.

Please note that military credit is not considered "resident credit" nor is it considered credit from a four year institution.

Will my military credit transfer?

A list of military credit is available on the course equivalency website. Select either American Council on Education or Community College of the Air Force from the institution list to see previously evaluated military credit.

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