Understanding Reverse Transfer

If you transferred from a Nevada college or community college to the University of Nevada, Reno without completing an associate's degree, reverse transfer allows you to transfer University credits back to your former community college to fulfill associate degree requirements. This enables you to receive both a bachelor's and associate's degree simultaneously while taking courses at the University, giving you a competitive edge in future career and educational pursuits.

You may take advantage of a reverse transfer if you have completed at least 15 credits at the college or community college and accumulated at least 60 college-level credits between both institutions.

To initiate a reverse transfer:

  1. Contact the community college's advising office.
  2. Share your University transcripts and review any outstanding associate degree requirements. The advisor may use upper-division courses from the University to fulfill associate degree requirements.
  3. If eligible, send official University transcripts to the community college, complete the necessary evaluation steps, and follow the graduation process.
  4. Finally, send an official copy of the community college’s transcripts with the degree completion indicated.

You may receive a lower-division Core Curriculum waiver. Consult with an academic advisor to understand how obtaining an associate degree may impact your program of study.