Student Life

Living on Campus

For More Information

Complete information about living on campus is available at the Residential Life, Housing and Food Services website.

Residence hall living promotes academic success

Living on campus provides easy access to campus resources and is associated with higher academic achievement by many measures. Higher Grade Point Averages are attained by students living on campus compared to students living off campus and 24% more students living on campus graduate in 4 years compared to their off-campus peers.

Safety Living on Campus

Our department strives to provide facilities that ensure a safe and secure residence hall community through programs and services such as:

  • Twenty-four hour information and security desk operations at each residence hall with full time staff who conduct regular building rounds
  • Our halls have live in staff who receiving training on safety and security issues as well as provide educational programs on personal and property safety
  • Our halls are locked twenty-four hours a day, and access is controlled by sophisticated perimeter security and door locking systems
  • Last year, 98% of students felt safe and secure inside their residence hall

More Information and to Apply

Please visit the Residential Life, Housing and Food Services website for more information about housing & dining options, to apply and to see specialized information for parents.

Graduate Housing

We are now leasing one and two bedroom apartments! For more information on how to sign up please contact the Central Housing Office by email at or visiting the graduate housing website.

Off-Campus Housing

Many other housing options exist if living on campus just isn't for you including rental housing, apartment housing and living in a Greek house. The University of Nevada, Reno has taken steps to make some of these off-campus housing options easy to find.

For information about living Greek, visit the Greek Life page.