Food truck locations and policies

Map of approved locations for food trucks on campus

Approved food truck locations on campus

  1. Plaza between Canada and Nye Residential Halls
  2. Concrete exterior plaza northwest of Pennington Student Achievement Center
  3. Thoroughfare west of Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center
  4. Exterior plaza west of William Pennington Engineering building
  5. Paved courtyard between Thompson and Frandsen Humanities buildings
  6. Alley way between Continuing Education Building and Peavine Residential Hall
  7. Parking lot S16 west of John Sala Intermural Practice fields
  8. Tan parking lot north of Mackay Stadium
  9. Silver 10 parking lot directly north of Pennington Health Sciences Building.

*The image above is a map depicting locations approved for food trucks on campus. All locations and relevant information within the map are described above.


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Please review our Policy for Use of University Space in the University Administrative Manual.

University Administrative Manual Policy 5,302