Instruction mode glossary

Instruction mode glossary
Instruction mode Abbreviation Additional information
Correspondence CR N/A
Field Study FS N/A
Hybrid HY Face-to-face time is reduced and WebCampus participation is required.  Instruction delivered approximately 50% online and 50% in person.
Independent Study with Web Participation IS Independent study, internship, etc. May require participation through WebCampus.
In-Person P WebCampus may supplement learning and communication, but all instructional material delivered in person.
Cablecast TV TV N/A
Interactive Video Receiving Site VR N/A
Interactive Video Sending Site VS N/A
Web-Based Course WB An entirely web based course with NO required in person meetings.
Web-Based Course with Some In-Person Meetings WM Web Based course with up to two organizational meetings and/or proctored testing with in person requirement.