Student feedback form

Thank you for choosing to share your feedback with us. We take all submissions very seriously and appreciate your comments. We respect and value your privacy and provide you the option to remain anonymous, however, giving us your name and contact information will help us follow-up with you in the event more information is needed to help resolve these matters more efficiently. Please note that anonymous feedback will not receive specific correspondence regarding steps toward resolution. 

Submitting feedback

The University of Nevada, Reno has clear policies and procedures for handling grade complaints (final grades) and those related to Title IX (discrimination based on sex).

The School of Public Health has developed policies and procedures to address feedback from students not covered by these policies. Such feedback may involve grades, course management, faculty and/or student interactions, curriculum issues and professionalism issues. It is always best to start with the instructor to see if the issue can be resolved at the class level. Similarly, if the feedback is related to your advisor it is best to start at this level. However, if you are uncomfortable bringing the issue to the instructor/advisor or if the issue remains unresolved, the feedback may be submitted to the Associate Dean of the School of Public Health who will work with the Dean, appropriate Division Leads and/or Program Directors to resolve the issue.

A student’s name will not be shared during this process. If for any reason you are not comfortable with the feedback being submitted to the Associate Dean, it will be sent directly to the Dean.