Chalking guidelines

Chalking may be used by ASUN and GSA recognized student groups to create messages only on sidewalks to advertise student events in compliance with the following guidelines:

  • Requests must be e-mailed to the Scheduling office at least three (3) working days prior to the event
  • Request must state when chalking will occur, what event chalking is advertising, and where chalking will be located (proximity to what buildings)
  • Chalking is to be removed within one (1) day of conclusion of event
  • Requests must include specific text to be chalked
  • Requests must identify the student organization, the person submitting the request and all contact numbers, i.e., telephone, cell phone, email
  • Messages must be at least 25 feet from any entry to any building
  • Messages must be written in chalk that is water soluble (does not include spray chalk or artist pastels)
  • Messages must be written only on horizontal sidewalks, but not underneath awnings at the Joe Crowley Student Union, or on any pavers or bricks
  • Messages shall not be written on any vertical surface including stair risers, building porches, building entryways, building foundations
  • Messages shall not be written on any walls, pillars, posts, benches, doors, trash receptacles, or kiosks
  • Messages shall not be written on any outdoor athletic facilities
  • If chalking is not removed, there will be a charge for the clean up