Philosophy Degrees

The Department of Philosophy offers courses leading to degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. The department offers a general philosophy degree as well as a specialized track in Ethics, Law, and Politics (ELP), at both the Bachelor's and Master's level. A graduate certificate in ELP is also available.

Philosophy is an appropriate area of study for those planning to enter a variety of fields, such as medicine, law, government, theology, literature, sociology, psychology, languages, education, administration, journalism, publishing and business. The Ethics, Law, and Politics specializations are appropriate for students who plan to enter fields where ethical issues are central. Students interested in fields connected to law and politics and students who simply wish to deepen their understanding of ethical, legal and political issues should also consider the ELP specialization. The Ethics, Law, and Politics Graduate Certificate is appropriate for graduate students in fields of study other than philosophy who wish to expand and ground their studies by considering ethical, legal and political theories and issues.

Declaring a Major or Minor

To become a general philosophy major or minor, or an ELP major or minor in the undergraduate program, please download the appropriate form below, complete it, and bring it to the Department of Philosophy (Jones Center, Room 102) for signature and processing.

Academic advising

For general College of Liberal Arts advising, please contact the College of Liberal Arts student center.