Choosing a Minor

Your minor is a perfect place to explore your interests. Here are some practical and personal guidelines for choosing your minor.

  1. What would you love to know more about? The more you learn, the more you want to learn. While you can only dedicate your primary focus to one or two things, a minor gives you the opportunity to dive into something you've always wanted to know more about. Maybe you're an artist who loves biology. Maybe you're an engineer who wants to write short stories on the side. Your minor is up to you.
  2. Complement your primary focus. Your minor can also serve to enhance your major. Journalism might enhance English. Sociology might enhance history. There are a number of ways you can fill out your education when you utilize your minor like this.
    1. Meet with an advisor from your major. Your major advisor can tell you if certain minors will be particularly beneficial to your current studies.
    2. Meet with an advisor from the field in which you are interested in minoring. The advisor can tell you what to expect and how you can expect to be benefited by minoring in that field.

Your can find your declared minor in MyNEVADA under My Academics.