English and math placement and requirements

At the University of Nevada, Reno, we take our core or general education requirements with the utmost seriousness. Writing and quantitative abilities are necessary skills for student success.

Core curriculum requirements

NSHE requires students to complete ENG 102 and at least three credits of an approved college math course. These two courses may require additional prerequisites, and majors may specify which college math course is required for their students. These two courses will build a foundation for CO1 (Core Objective), CO2, and CO3:

  • Core Objective 1: Effective Composition & Communications. Students will communicate effectively using writing, speaking, or multimedia for scholarly, professional, or creative purposes.
  • Core Objective 2: Quantitative Reasoning. Students will be able to apply quantitative reasoning and mathematical analysis methodologies to understand and solve problems.
  • Core Objective 3: Critical Analysis & Use of Information. Students will be critical consumers of information, able to engage in systematic research processes, frame questions, read critically, and apply observational and experimental approaches to obtain information.

The NSHE Corequisite and College-Ready Gateway Policy requires all students to be enrolled in college-level gateway English and math courses in their initial year of enrollment, with or without corequisite support, effective Fall 2021. 

Corequisite instruction is a nationwide movement of teaching college-level math and English through a revised curriculum. At the University, it will eliminate the traditional sequence of preparatory courses with a single college-level course that students can complete in one semester.

English requirements

Every student must complete ENG 102 or its equivalent. Normally, students take ENG 100I (with supports), ENG 101, or ENG 113 during their first semester at the University and ENG 102 during the second semester. However, depending on a student’s major requirements, this may be different and a student’s advisor will help them to make the best decision. All students who successfully complete ENG 100I (with supports), ENG 101, or ENG 113 will be prepared to enter into ENG 102.

English course options

  • English course options
    • ENG 101 / ENG 113 3 credits
    • ENG 100l (3 credits)
      • With Corequisite Support Labs (ENG 100L/105L) (2 credits)

English placement scores and requirements

Initial placement in Core Writing courses will be based on test scores, although students have additional placement options if they do not have test scores or feel that their test scores are not an accurate measure of their ability.

The University course catalog contains information about placement scores and requirements for English courses

Math requirements

Every student must complete at least 3 units of an approved core math course to satisfy the CO2 requirement. University disciplines have different math requirements in order to prepare their students for future course work; therefore, students should review the Math section in their program description for their major and consult with an academic advisor before selecting a math course(s). All degree-seeking students must be enrolled in the appropriate college-level gateway mathematics course, with or without corequisite support, in their initial year of enrollment.

Liberal Arts / Journalism majors

  • Liberal Arts / Journalism
    • Math 120 3 credits
    • Math 120E (3 credits) with Coreq Support, Math 20 (1 credit)

STEM, Business and Heath Sciences majors

  • STEM, Business and Health Sciences majors
    • Math 126 3 credits
    • Math 126E (3 credits) with Coreq Support, Math 26B (2 credits)
    • Math 126EE (3 credits) with Coreq Support, Math 26C (3 credits)

Math placement

What should you do next?

If you are majoring in Engineering or Physical Science, and you have placed into Math 126 or Math 126E, you should consider enrolling in Summer Freshman Start. Summer Freshman Start is a summer program where you can get an early jump on taking some of your coursework, especially your math courses. This is incredibly important as the Engineering and Physical Science majors are math intensive. If you are interested in participating in this program, please visit the Summer Session page for updates. Financial aid for the summer may be available to assist with tuition.

Additional class placement information

For additional information about class placement, including placement into courses other than English and math, please contact your advisor


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