Moving advisors through tiers

  1. Advising Lead should prepare to promote an advisor by:
    1. Review evaluations to confirm that they were given a "Commendable"
    2. Discuss the possible promotion and funding for a raise with their Associate Dean and the Office of Provost as needed
    3. In coordination with the advisor write a clear justification that demonstrates how the advisor has moved to the next tier, and the updated job description
    4. Meet/ discuss college budget staff prior to submission to confirm on same page
  2. Advising Lead will complete the "Administrative Faculty- Promotion Request TDX Ticket" in line with their college specific process
    1. This will include the written justification, and an approve by the college's financial role
  3. HR will confirm the employee received a minimum of an overall "Commendable"
  4. HR will meet with Executive Director of University Advising, review the request and complete the rubric for the individual
    1. This will confirm consistency across all colleges
    2. Committee (HR, Executive Director, 2 Leads, Provost Rep) will be pull together for review support as needed
    3. Lead will be contacted if there are any specific questions
  5. HR will inform Lead and advisor of the promotion and the adjustment timeline TDX Ticket Instructions:
  6. Go to the HR services on the TDX ticket page
  7. Click on "Administrative Faculty- Promotion Request"
  8. Complete the form in the following manner
    1. Proposed Promotion Method
      1. a. Promotion through a line of progression
    2. Proposed Promotion Grade
      1. Promotion within grad
    3. Unit
      1. Your college
    4. Cost Center
      1. a. Should be filled out by the college budget/ financial person
    5. Position Number
      1. Can be found in the individual's workday summary under job details
    6. Name
    7. Current Business Title
      1. a. Can be found in the individual's workday summary under job details
    8. Current Grade
        1. B_ (1,2,3)
    9. Proposed Title
      1. Update according to the job description (Academic Advisor 1,2,3)
    10. Proposed Job Profile Code a. J000807
    11. Proposed Grade3 a. B_(2,3)
    12. Supervisor's Name and Title a. Your information
    13. Proposed % salary increase requested
      1. Calculate based on the Advisor (1,2,3) salaries but it will be within the 10%
    14. Basis of Request/Justification
      1. Attached the updated job description
      2. Demonstrate in the written justification how the individual has moved forward with their role