Tiered advising

In Summer 2021, Nevada implemented a tiered advising structure. The goals are as follows.

Student-related outcomes

  • Ensure consistent advising services and opportunities university wide
  • Coordinated advising services, opportunities, and policies university wide
  • Meet NSHE ratio guidelines

Staff-related outcomes

  • Develop a consistent and equitable framework for recognizing development and professional growth for career academic advisors and advising professionals while respecting and embracing the unique nature of each college and advising center’s needs
  • Implement consistent and equitable advising job descriptions and roles across all college advising centers to ensure equity across the university advising community
  • Apply pay equity across the advisor positions across the university

Organization of advising offices

The majority* of college advising office’s are organized in the following way:

  • Director (must apply)
  • Advisor 3 or Coordinator (max of 2, apply or promotion)
  • Advisor 2 (all advisors in an office can be here via promotion)
  • Advisor 1 (all advisors start here)

*Depending on the size of the advising office

Advisor job descriptions

To ensure job description consistency across each advisor position, the following areas are in each job description:

  • Advising and retention
  • Projects and programs
  • Recruitment
  • College specialty function

The same was done with Advising Director positions:

  • Advising and retention
  • Supervision and management
  • Campus collaborations
  • College specialty function