Tom dilts

Tom Dilts

Research Scientist, Landscape Ecology/Spatial Analyst


I'm a research landscape ecologist with skills in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, habitat modeling, habitat connectivity modeling, landscape genetics, and a member of the Great Basin Landscape Ecology Lab led by Dr. Peter Weisberg. I also work collaboratively with other faculty members in NRES on a variety of projects. Interests include:

  • Understanding landscape change using remote sensing, field measurements, and historical information such as General Land Office survey notes
  • Understanding habitat connectivity using genetic data or movement data combined with habitat variables using landscape genetics optimization approaches
  • Modeling current and future species distributions using novel climatic, topographic, and vegetation variables such as climatic water deficit and height above river
  • Working with emerging technologies such as LiDAR, UAVs, and hyperspectral imagery
  • Developing GIS scripts to automate repetitive and/or complex tasks