New Director of Latinx/Hispanic Community Relations Osvaldo Jimenez-Estupinan

How he plans to increase Latinx/Hispanic engagement at the University

Osvaldo Jimenez-Estupinan smiling for his headshot photo.

New Director of Latinx/Hispanic Community Relations Osvaldo Jimenez-Estupinan

How he plans to increase Latinx/Hispanic engagement at the University

Osvaldo Jimenez-Estupinan smiling for his headshot photo.

Since taking over as the director of Latinx/Hispanic community relations in the Office of Government and Community Engagement in October 2023, Osvaldo Jimenez-Estupinan shows his commitment to setting students in the Latinx/Hispanic community up for success. In addition to facilitating easy access points to the various career and college life opportunities that the University of Nevada, Reno offers, such as clubs, courses and jobs, he also aims to incorporate a network within Latinx/Hispanic communities in higher education and “shine a light on all the options that students have,” he said.

Jimenez-Estupinan received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2020, followed by a master’s in business administration (MBA) in 2021. Being a first-generation college student, he faced confusion and challenges in finding his place at the University. When his academic journey progressed, the valuable opportunities that college offers across various fields broadened his viewpoint on higher education. Jimenez-Estupinan notes that the Deans Future Scholars program, housed under the College of Education & Human Development at the University of Nevada, Reno, played a huge role in his success at the University.

Filling a role held previously by Karla Hernández, Ph.D., has eased the path for Jimenez-Estupinan to implement his initiatives aimed at uplifting the Latinx community. Her work during her time in the role laid a foundation for others in the community to follow, which Jimenez-Estupinan says has made it easier to continue past efforts, adding that he believes the University is on the road to becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institute (HSI).

“I believe in not reinventing the wheel,” said Jimenez-Estupinan. “If there's already an amazing program or someone in the community who has made a significant impact, we should see how we can loop into or support that specific initiative.”

By emphasizing the importance of leveraging the existing practices and resources, Jimenez-Estupinan secures easy access to resources and opportunities for Latinx/Hispanic students not only on the University campus but in the community beyond it. His expansion of events, engagement and community resources contribute to his aim of integrating Latinx/Hispanic culture into everyday student life at the University and ultimately attracting more prospective Latinx/Hispanic students.

“We need to show our community members that we are with them,” said Jimenez-Estupinan.

His work in the region with Latinx business owners, leaders and stakeholders has helped connect community members within the University. Jimenez-Estupinan emphasizes building strong connections in more ways than one with all community members to show that the University is accessible to all.

Jimenez-Estupinan values his partnerships with community organizations on and off campus, which provides the University with a larger network for students. In addition, he dedicates a large part of his role to ensuring the Latinx/Hispanic social media and community media presence on campus continues to grow, serving as platforms for distributing information regarding current resources, news and fostering a larger networking community.

“Our students are here for more than just education,” said Jimenez-Estupinan.

Jimenez-Estupinan also highlights the Latinx/Hispanic resources beyond himself such as the Latino Research Center, Latino-based student organizations, Program Manager Janet Najera at the Undocupack Program and Latinx Program Coordinator Maggie Otero at the Multicultural Center. Whether it is more academic-focused or community-oriented, Jimenez-Estupinan stresses the importance of taking advantage of utilizing these resources to further student success.

With a large body of students working full time mostly in unpaid internships to gain experience for the careers they want, Jimenez-Estupinan knows and understands the struggles and overbearing stress that students can develop. His commitment to creating and leading a growing network of Latinx students and community on campus remains a large aspect of his mission. He recognizes and acknowledges the challenges, financial burdens and time constraints facing everyone, which is why he continues to be an ally for increasing support services, equality of opportunity and suppressing unnecessary stress.

Through valued partnerships, community engagement and advocacy for student welfare, he strives to open doors to success for Latinx students at the University. More information regarding the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can be found on its website.

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