Master of Arts in Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology

Degree requirements

Since degree requirements and course offerings can change from year to year, consult the general course catalog for your appropriate school year's requirements and suggestions. If you would like more advice, please contact any of the music history and musicology faculty for guidance.

Courses offered

The department of music offers diverse topical courses in music history, both at undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as survey courses. They include courses on film music, American music, world music and jazz studies. University of Nevada, Reno's music history courses are designed to examine music and composers in broad cultural and social contexts through highly interdisciplinary approaches, particularly at the graduate level.

The graduate seminar in music history covers many topics, including:

  • Representations of gender and sexuality in opera
  • Music institutions
  • Music and postmodernism
  • Aesthetics and techniques of program music vs. absolute music
  • Jazz cultures

The department of music regularly invites guest lecturers to provide students with an opportunity to become acquainted with current topics in musicological studies and to meet renowned musicologists in diverse areas of specialization. In 2000, The Catherine Smith Lecture Series was inaugurated, which was made possible by funds that Catherine Smith, Ph.D., a leading feminist musicologist, donated at her retirement to sponsor guest lectures on feminist topics. Guest lecturers are not limited to musicologists, but include composers and performers as well, to promote better communication with performance programs in the department. For more information about the program in music history, contact Louis Niebur.

Musicology and music history faculty

Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Julianne Lindberg
Julianne Lindberg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Musicology
(775) 682-9018
VSG 101B
Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Ruthie Meadows
Ruthie Meadows, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology
(775) 682-8970
VSG 101
Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Kevin Miescke
Kevin Miescke, DM
Instructor of Music Theory
(775) 682-6123
CFA 123
Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Valerio Morucci
Valerio Morucci, Ph.D.
Instructor of Musicology and Music Appreciation
(775) 682-9069
CFA 109
Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Louis Niebur
Louis Niebur, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies; Professor of Musicology
(775) 682-9045
VSG 101C
Music History/Musicology/Ethnomusicology
Jean-Paul Perrotte
Jean-Paul Perrotte, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Electro-Acoustic Composition; Director of Electro-Acoustic Lab
(775) 784-4030
VSG 30