Recital Policies

Recital scheduling

A setup calendar of all scheduled musical performances, both on and off campus, is maintained online. A student wishing to schedule a recital should meet with his/her applied instructor early in the year to select a tentative date. Once a date has been selected, it is then the responsibility of the student to complete the student recital scheduling form. If Nightingale Concert Hall is the intended venue, a Nightingale Concert Hall request form must also be completed. Both should be submitted to the department of music. (A fee of $45 will be assessed for all recitals in Nightingale Concert Hall). The department chair will complete a recital evaluation form assigning the evaluation committee. For graduate students, the graduate committee also serves as the evaluation committee.

Pre-recital hearings

A recital date does not become final until the completion of a satisfactory pre-recital hearing. All student degree recitals will require a pre-recital hearing. Pre-recital hearings must occur at least two weeks prior to the recital date and will be heard by the student's recital committee.


It is the student's responsibility to secure and set rehearsal times with a suitable recital accompanist. Accompanist lists are available through applied teachers. Rates are variable and are set by individual accompanists. Rehearsal and performances are often priced separately. The accompanist's signature is required on the recital scheduling form before a recital date may be approved.


All students giving a required degree recital are required to furnish three copies of the program to the department. Publicity, posters and/or invitations are the responsibility of the student(s) involved. The department will provide copies of programs for all required recitals. It is recommended that all recital material be proofread by the student's applied teacher prior to being duplicated. Programs will conform to the following format:

  1. The standard recommended program size is 8 1/2 x 11 full, folded, or half sheets of that size.
  2. Each program will include identification of the University, the College, the department, date, location, time and list the participating student(s) and materials presented. Each required degree recital program will include the following: "Presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the (list appropriate) degree."
  3. If non-students (guests or faculty) are participating, they must be identified. The name of the student's instructor is not to be included on the program.


All student recitals in Nightingale Concert Hall automatically will be recorded to CD. Recordings of recitals in other venues are the responsibility of the student. After the performance, students must furnish a blank writable/recordable CD if a copy is desired. Graduate students in the master's of applied music program are responsible for providing a CD copy of each recital and two programs to the music department to serve as evidence of completion of their thesis requirement.

Recital Procedures for Applied Music and Music Education