Placement Exam

Music theory and history proficiency requirements

For incoming freshmen

As an incoming music major, you are required to take the "OnMusic Fundamentals Placement Exam" to determine your eligibility for enrollment in MUS 203R Music Theory I course. Your registration will not be complete until we receive the official score for this test.

Instructions for taking the exam

  1. Purchase the placement exam access key. Select the product name "placement exams," then "add to cart" and complete the purchase of the $10 access key (OnMusic Fundamentals - Placement Exam Only). *You should receive the code immediately after your purchase.
  2. Once you have purchased and received your access code, you will proceed to the student registration page to register for the placement exam.
  3. Once you have been able to successfully register for the placement exam, you will login using the account you've just created to access the placement exam.
  4. Read the "instructor's announcements" and when you are ready to take the test, select "music fundamentals placement exam."
  5. To start the exam, click, "take this exam" and begin.
  6. The exam is timed. You will have 50 minutes to complete the test.
  7. After you have finished the test, your score will be shown to you. If you score 65% or above, you will be permitted to register for MUS 203R Music Theory 1. If you score below 65%, you will be required to take and pass MUS 101 Music Fundamentals before continuing on. MUS 101 is offered online through the University's Extended Studies program during the first two weeks in August.

For questions about the placement exam, please contact Jean‐Paul Perrotte.

For master's and doctoral students:

All incoming graduate students of music are required to take the "Graduate Theory and History Proficiency Exams" on the Saturday before the first official day of class. The results of these exams will determine your eligibility for enrollment in graduate theory and history seminars. Passing both of these exams is also crucial in maintaining your assistantships.

For more information on these exams and to find out the dates offered, email Jean‐Paul Perrotte or Louis Niebur.