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Javad Sattarvand

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Department Chair, Kinross Term Professor in Mining Engineering, Associate Professor


About the Kinross Term Professorship in Mining Engineering

Kinross, producer of gold, silver, barite, lithium carbonate and mined magnesite, established this professorship to invest in the growth of the Department of Mining Engineering. Established: 2013. (Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering)

Research Interests

  • Mine Automation: Artificial intelligence, Data Analysis, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Robotics, Mobile Crowd Sourcing, Drone Programming
  • Open pit Optimization: Resource estimation, Production Planning, cut-off grade optimization, Uncertainty Modeling, Financial Modeling, Discrete Event Simulation

Courses taught

  • MINE 701H Advance Surface Mining
  • MINE 701S Advance Mining Economics
  • MINE 415 Surface Mine Design
  • MINE 411 Mining Economics
  • MINE 413 Mineral Reserve Estimation
  • MINE 435 Mine Automation and Robotics (Prospective course)
  • MINE 436 Mining Software Engineering (Prospective course)


  • Ph.D. Mining Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, 2009
  • M.Sc. Mining Engineering, Tehran Poly-Technic University, Iran, 2000
  • B.Sc. Mining Engineering, Qazvin International University, Iran, 1997

Previous Appointments

  • Associate Professor, Sahand University of Tech., Iran, July 2014 - May 2015
  • Assistant Professor, Sahand University of Tech., Iran, Feb. 2009 - July 2014
  • Lecturer, Sahand University of Tech., Iran, Jan. 2000 - Nov. 2004
  • Lecturer, RWTH Aachen University, Nov. 2004 - Feb. 2015

Recent Publications

  • K Andersen, SJ Gaab, J Sattarvand, FC Harris Jr, 2020, METS VR: Mining Evacuation Training Simulator in Virtual Reality for Underground Mines, Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Information Technology
  • R. Battulwar, J. Valencia, G. Winkelmaier, B. Parvin & J. Sattarvand, 2019, High-resolution modeling of open-pit slopes using UAV and photogrammetry, Proceedings of the 39th international symposium ‘application of computers and operations research in the mineral industry’ (APCOM 2019), Wroclaw, Poland, 661-670
  • J. Valencia, R. Battulwar, M. Zare Naghadehi & J. Sattarvand, 2019, Enhancement of explosive energy distribution using UAVs and machine learning, Proceedings of the 39th international symposium ‘application of computers and operations research in the mineral industry’ (APCOM 2019), Wroclaw, Poland, 671-677
  • B Azarfar, S Ahmadvand, J Sattarvand, B Abbasi, 2019, Stability analysis of rock structure in large slopes and open-pit mine: Numerical and experimental fault modeling, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 52 (12), 4889-4905
  • A Moniri-Morad, M Pourgol-Mohammad, H Aghababaei, J Sattarvand, 2019, A methodology for truck allocation problems considering dynamic circumstances in open pit mines, case study of the Sungun copper mine Rudarsko-geološko-naftni zbornik 34 (4)
  • A Moniri-Morad, M Pourgol-Mohammad, H Aghababaei, J Sattarvand, 2019, Reliability-based covariate analysis for complex systems in heterogeneous environment: Case study of mining equipment, Journal of Risk and Reliability, Vol 233, Issue 4, pp 593-604
  • M Mokhtarian Asl, J Sattarvand, 2018, Integration of commodity price uncertainty in long-term open pit mine production planning by using an imperialist competitive algorithm, Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 118 (2), pp 165-172
  • MJ Rahimdel, M Mirzaei, J Sattarvand, HO Mirzaei Nasirabad, 2017, Analysis and optimization of mining truck operation based on the driver whole body vibration, AUT Journal of Mechanical Engineering 1 (2), 169-178
  • MJ Rahimdel, M Mirzaei, J Sattarvand, SH Hoseinie, 2017, Health risk of whole body vibration in mining trucks during various operational conditions, Journal of Central South University 24 (8), 1808-1816
  • Gilani O. & Sattarvand J., Integrating geological uncertainty in long-term open pit mine production planning by ant colony optimization, Computers & Geosciences, Vol. 87, (2016), pp. 31-40.
  • Soleymani S. M., Sattarvand J., 2015, Long term production planning of open pit mines by ant colony optimization, European Journal of Operational Research - Elsevier, (2015) 240 (3), 825-836
  • Saadatmand Hashemi A. & Sattarvand J., Simulation based investigation of different fleet management paradigms in open pit mines-A case study of Sungun copper mine, Arch. Min. Sci., (2015) 60 (1), 195-208
  • Moniri, A. & Pourgol-Mohammad M. & Sattarvand, J., Reliability centered maintenance of surface mining dump trucks: Case study of Sungun Copper Mine operation equipment, Journal of Central South University, No. 21 (2014), pp. 2372-2382

External Research Grants

  • Capacity Building in Artificially Intelligent Mining Systems, 1.25 million dollars, funded by NIOSH, 2019-2024,
  • Tension cracks identification and monitoring in open pit mines by UAV imaging and artificial intelligence. ($ 400,000 granted by NIOSH, finished Sept. 2019),
  • Early-Warning System Prototype Tests for Real-Time Safety Intervention and Optimum Ventilation Control Assistance (CoPI), $700,000 from Alpha Foundation
  • SME career development grant ($300,000)