Nevada knows Mining & Metallurgical Engineering

Demand for mining and metallurgical engineers is at an all-time high in Nevada and around the world with students receiving multiple job offers and a median salary of *$97k.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021 median salary data

Department news

A large mining haul truck drives toward the left of the photo. There are large mountains in the background.

Making autonomous mining safer

Researchers developing software to simulate autonomous mining operations

Seven people stand in front of three Mackay School posters. There are three people in the front row and four in the back, all are smiling.

Mackay students shine at annual mining meeting

Three student posters won awards at the American Exploration & Mining Association Annual Meeting

A photo of downtown Reno facing south with a clear sunset.

How can Reno become a greener city?

Reno faces challenges as a growing city in the era of climate change. Faculty in the College of Science are focused on solutions.