Nevada State 4-H Camp Policies and Regulations

The following information is policy for Nevada State 4-H Camps and are intended to make your stay safe and fun and at the same time protecting and safeguarding the facility.

  • Animals on premises: Tenants, parents and guests are not permitted to bring pets or other animals onto the camp facility. Specially trained animals will be permitted when accompanying and assisting an individual with a physical disability. Please inform parents, family members, etc. not to bring any animals to camp when delivering or picking up campers.
  • Smoking - This facility is a limited-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in any buildings, on the camp's private beach or on the grounds. Smoking is only allowed in private vehicles or at the one designated smoking area near the parking lot. Please inform parents of the no smoking rule.
  • Use of sleeping tents, RV, trailers: No tent camping, RVs, or travel trailers for sleeping will be permitted for use by the group.
  • Use of motorized vehicles: ATVs, golf carts, motorized watercrafts, etc. will not be permitted without prior approval from the camp management.
  • Campfire/open flames: No fires outside the campfire ring is allowed, including on the beach. Candles, incenses, etc. are not permitted on the camp facility.
  • Cabins decorating: Decorations, notices, posters, etc. can only be stapled, thumb-tacked or taped to the wood wall rails located on the walls near the ceiling. Notices will be allowed to be taped with blue masking tape to the inside of the door - no scotch tape or clear tape. No staples, tape, thumbtacks or stickers, etc. on the walls, ceiling or beds.
  • General camp decorating: Excess decorating material cannot be thrown in the camp facility garbage containers. Groups are encouraged to use less disposable decorating materials or take them home at the end of the groups stay.
  • Cars at the beach: User groups are allowed one vehicle at the beach to take supplies and act as a user group emergency vehicle.
  • Items not allowed: Use of glitter, confetti and water balloons are not permitted on the camp facility. Chewing gum has become a major problem; therefore, chew gun is discouraged.

Camp beach rules

  1. Campers/staff can only access the beach when the group's lifeguards are present at the beach
  2. Lifeguards are responsible to lock the beach gate at the end of the group's beach session
  3. Lifeguards must be current with a Red Cross certification covering First Aid, CPR and AED
  4. There must be one lifeguard for every 50 children/adult attending the camp
  5. Life jackets will be physically worn by all adults and youth while operating the following (this is both the State of Nevada and U.S. Coast Guard rule):
    • Kayaks
    • Canoes
    • Paddle boats
    • Any other watercraft (4-H Camp or User Group supplied)
  6. All beach recreational equipment must be used only in accordance with the equipment's designed intent
  7. At end of the group's session:
    • All kayaks must be placed back on the metal rack upside down
    • All canoes must be placed upside down on the metal pipe
    • All River Rat inner-tubes must be placed over the wood post (four tubes per post) and tie string re-clamped
    • All paddles back in the container
    • All life vest back on the bars
  8. If aluminum tables were taken onto the beach - brought back inside the fence

Again, thank you for your reservation for the upcoming camp season. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the 4-H Camp office assistant administrator at (775) 588-6943.