Influence of Housing Instability on Health and Well-Being for Latinx Families

A Study of the Influence of Housing Instability on Health and Well-Being for Latinx Families in Washoe County, NV

Team Location: Northern Nevada
Cohort: 2020- 2023
Theme Area: 2020 Families and Child Health
Team Members:
Jessie Clark, Ph.D.
Julie Lucero, Ph.D., MPH
Victoria Rios

This research investigates the causes, experiences and service gaps related to unstable housing within Latinx communities in Northern Nevada. This collaboration seeks to improve health inequities related to housing and race. Our project recognizes the structural forces at play within housing inequities and related housing policies and envisions an urban future in which everyone has fair access to housing, an essential factor in healthy living. To date, city, county and state policies have approached housing solutions through a one-size-fits all lens, in spite of the varying needs across housing insecure populations. With evidence-based research that outlines the specific experiences and needs of the Latinx community, our project aims to address racial inequalities in housing and the mechanisms by which these inequalities are created and exacerbated. Our contention is that stable housing is an important predictor of health and well-being and that race matters in understanding how housing stability and instability are experienced, navigated and addressed. Because Latinx households tend to experience housing instability as a family unit, our project focuses on the multigenerational and gendered experiences of the family.

The Northern Nevada Latino Oral History Project

The Latino population in Northern Nevada has consistently grown and now represents about 25% of the total northern population. Although Latinos make up approximately one-quarter of the population, the social, cultural and economic contribution is mostly unknown. The goal of the oral history project of Northern Nevada is to capture the stories and highlight contributions of the Latino community to the educational system, business, politics and socio-cultural life. The sole purpose of this project is to create a historical record of experiences to uncover the cultural influence of Latinos to Northern Nevada. The collection of these oral histories will bring contributions of Latino community to light for current and future generations to learn and build upon.

For this project, we are considering culture as language, tradition, ceremony, (social) interacting, ways of learning, beliefs, spirituality and religion. How culture has been integrated or changed in Northern Nevada businesses, schools, policy and neighborhoods. This integration can be visual (art, movies, TV shows, etc.), written (newspapers, policy documents, stories, building names/streets, etc.), or capable of being heard (radio, music, spoken language, etc.).