Committees function as the workhorse for the GSA. Much of what GSA does is through these committees. As a graduate student, you may be a member of any GSA committee without being an elected Council Representative. This provides the opportunity to become involved with GSA at a smaller level than what is required of a Representative. For more information please contact the Internal Vice President.

Awards Week Committee

This committee helps in the awards week but is not involved in the evaluation of the application. The tasks involve helping awards committee with the general arrangements needed for the appreciation week, including recruiting faculty members to serve as judges.

Judicial Committee

Reviews and amends the Constitution and Bylaws when needed. This committee is chaired by Internal Vice President of GSA. GSA policies are also reviewed by this committee.

Events Committee

Coordinates events, including the Pub n Sub, Wine & Cheese Social, and Career Development workshops. They also help with the Awards Ceremony in April.

Service Committee

This committee seeks to give back to the university and greater Reno community in a variety of ways. Tasked with the coordination and implementation of a day of service, in addition to other service opportunities throughout the school year such as clothing drives.