Hanine Haidar

Council member, College of Education

Hanine Haidar Smiling with a fireplace in the background


Hanine was born in Lebanon but lived most of her life between Abu Dhabi and the United States. She completed her undergraduate degrees at the University, where she studied Mathematics and Social Studies Secondary Education and got minors in Women's Studies and Economics Policy. She further got her Masters from the University of Washington, Seattle in Education Policy. She has worked as a mathematics and economics teacher and is very passionate about education and ensuring that teachers are culturally responsive and treat students with care. She believes that all people, especially teachers, should have a growth mindset and be willing to learn from others, whether that be their students or peers. She also really likes to learn about different people, cultures, and backgrounds, so she is always interested in striking up a conversation. She is currently a graduate student, working on an Education Ph.D. in Equity and Diversity in Education, where she is passionate about helping students. She is a big advocate of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

During her free time, Hanine enjoys singing, listening to music, hiking, and playing board games. You can also find her at the UNR gym or library during the week, as she enjoys staying active both mentally and physically.