Past Three Minute Thesis Winners' Videos

View the past winners of the University of Nevada, Reno's Three Minute Thesis Competition.

2017 Three Minute Thesis Winners

Group A Doctoral Dissertation Category

First Place: Tian Yu, Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology
"Drop-seq: single cell expression analysis"

Second Place: Phillip Street, Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
"Late summer habitat as a limiting factor of fitness for Greater Sage-grouse"

Third Place: Jonathan Villalobos, Ph.D., English
"Blood on bougainvillea: environmental horror in late twentieth century southern literature"

Group B Master's Thesis Category

First Place: Gabrielle Bachand, Materials Science and Engineering
"Improving silicon anode performance using copper nanoparticle additive"

Second Place: Jessica Reimche, Biology
"Expresssss yourself: understanding how genetics scale up to traits"

Third Place: Scott Forer, Mechanical Engineering
"Monopolies can exist in unmanned airspace"

Group C Professional Project Category

First Place: Jonathon Haley, Social Work
"OUTnumbered: assessing the LGBTQ campus climate at the University of Nevada, Reno"

Second Place: Robert Forrest, Public Health
"Barriers to access of coordinated care: a case-study for quality improvement"

Third Place: Erin Collier, Journalism
"The conscious consumer"

2016 Three Minute Thesis Winners

Doctoral Students

1st Place: Robert del Carlo, Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
Diverge Another Day: Garter Snakes Evade Certain Death by Evolving to Toxic Prey

2nd Place: Kathleen Hill, Ph.D., Educational Leadership
Early Adolescents' Understanding of College and Career Readiness Conceptually and in Relation to Their Own Lives

3rd Place: David Rodriguez, Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering
Green Technology to Keep the Skies Blue

Master's Students

1st Place: Amanda Rankin, Anthropology
High Altitude Plant Processing in the Intermountain West

2nd Place: Drew Sheehy, Environmental Science and Health
Beaver Repellant in Aspen Trees

3rd Place: Corey Trujillo, Mechanical Engineering
Evaporation in Used Nuclear Fuel Casks During Forced Helium Dehydration

Professional Project Students

1st Place: Rachel Martinez, Social Work
Assessing the Needs of DBT Families During the Patient's Stay at Willow Springs Center

2nd Place: Randy Khong, Social Work
"What About Us?" Identifying Therapeutic Foster Care Parents as Key Stakeholders

3rd Place: Larissa White, Public Health
Chronic Disease Comorbidities in Patients with HIV: A Descriptive Study in Northern Nevada

2015 Three Minute Thesis Winners

Doctoral Students

1st Place: Jesse Mayer, Ph.D.
Desert Diesel: Engineering Opuntia as Low-Input Biofuel crop

2nd Place: Jaclyn Stephens, Ph.D.
Can We Enhance Everyday Cognition Using Memory Training and Non-invasive Neurostimulation?

3rd Place: Jessica Rafferty, Ph.D.
Profoundly Gifted Students' Perceptions of Virtual Classrooms: A Phenomenological Case Study

Master's Students

1st Place: Laura Rocke
Reinterment at the African Burial Ground: A 21st Century Reclamation of Agency

2nd Place: Keith Heidecorn
Progress Toward Understanding Mercury (Hg) in the Atmosphere

3rd Place: Tara Langus
Maternal Microbes and Pathogenic Vulnerability: Effects of Plant Chemistry and Egg Microbes on the Immune Response of a Specialist Caterpiller

Professional Project Students

1st Place: Christopher Dugan
Analysis and Cost of Frequent ED Users in Washoe County

2nd Place: Morgan Nazemian
Compassion in Action: Design and Implementation of an 11th Hour Program

3rd Place: Miranda Smith
Compassion Fatigue Curriculum Infusion: A Three-Part Workshop for Social Work Students

2014 Three Minute Thesis Winners

Liberal Arts/Education/Business/Journalism:

First Place: Amy Ghilieri, Ph.D., History
Early modern witchcraft publishing: a bibliographic and cultural analysis of Ulrich Molitor's De lamiis et pythonicis mulieribus

Second Place: Tara Madden-Dent, Ph.D., Educational Leadership
A phenomenological study of cultural transition and adjustment of Asian undergraduate international students using different cross-cultural treatments

Third Place: Jonathan Cummins, Ph.D., History
The biggest little trailer park: place, waste and manufactured housing in Sun Valley, Nevada, 1950-2000

Sciences/Mathematics/Engineering/Health Sciences:

First Place: Angela Hornsby, Ph.D., Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology
How do species adapt and react to climate?

Second Place: Scott Barnett, Ph.D., Molecular Biosciences
The amazing and confusing uterus

Third Place: Jackson Crews, Ph.D., Hydrologic Sciences
Earthquakes can generate gas bubbles in groundwater