Kelly Morning, MPH

Associate Director, Larson Institute
Kelly Morning


Kelly Morning, MPH received her graduate degree with an emphasis in social and behavioral health. She has worked in the areas of program development, management, communication, and evaluation. Ms. Morning has served as a technical assistance partner for several training and evaluation projects throughout the state of Nevada and has been involved in international health education/communication projects throughout the world. Ms. Morning has served as a co-investigator on multiple projects funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Ms. Morning has collaborated with state and local health authorities, non-profit partners, and academic institutions on a variety of topics including communication campaigns, evaluation projects, strategic plans and associated compliance, and workforce development initiatives.


  • Nevada Public Health Association Vice President 2021-2023
  • University of Nevada School of Public Health Alumni Chapter, Member at Large 


  • USDA, Food Nutrition Services, WIC Breastfeeding Support (USDA-PNS-WIC-WBSC-19) Conduct formative research to provide key insight from WIC stakeholders and participants; mothers' knowledge of and attitudes toward breastfeeding; the barriers they face when it comes to duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding; and the role WIC, and State and Federal policies have in providing breastfeeding support. Co-Investigator.
  • CDC, Overdose Data to Action. The purpose of this project is to monitor progress on Nevada's Integrated HIV Prevention and Care plan. Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. 
  • Nevada Division of Public Health, COVID Response provides supplemental public health response and recovery efforts for COVID-19 in Northern Nevada. Development, administration of a contact tracing and program to support COVID-19 prevention and control efforts. 
  • HRSA, Nevada Public Health Training Center. Enhance professional development of Nevada's Public Health Workforce, including statewide needs assessment. Co-Investigator.
  • WGBH Education Department, Molly of Denali Rural Education Initiative. An initiative focused on rural communities served by public broadcasters to explore the effectiveness of educational resources and awareness tools for promoting positive education among children and their caregivers. 
  • HRSA, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE). Through a partnership with the Western Region Public Health Training Center, the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, and the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, NVPHTC has received a three-year federal grant to provide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners training and certification to expand services to sexual assault victims in rural areas of Nevada.
  • CDC, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Plan Monitoring. The purpose of this project is to monitor progress on Nevada's Integrated HIV Prevention and Care plan. Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health.


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MPH, Social Behavioral Health, University of Nevada, Reno