Graduate Student Grant Recipients

2020-21 Grant Recipients

Graduate student research grants awarded in 2020

  • Nerea Eizagirre (Basque Studies. Ph.D.), The Autonomy of Literature in Joseba Sarrionandias Oeuvre, Basque Country, Spain, $1,000
  • John Ostermiller (Anthropology Department, Ph.D.), Negotiations of Faith: Muslim Communities in Transitional Japan, $1,000
  • Keely Rodriquez (Biology Department lnterdisciplinary Ph.D.), Investigation of Immune Functions Promoting the Return of Panamanian Frogs from the Brink of Extinction, $1,000
  • Palistha Shrestha (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies Master's) Field Study of Sequentially Coupled Moringo Oleifera Seed Extract Technology for Fluoride Removal, Ghana $1,000
  • Cassie Skipper (Anthropology Department, PhD.), Skeletal Phenotype Variation and Modern Human Evolution in Asia, Thailand and Japan, $1,000